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Individuals choose France for their educational needs for a number of very good reasons. Because the French are so adamant of being able to offer students the highest in educational standards, you can always count on your chosen college and program to be among the best that you can find anywhere in the world. The people of France take their education exceptionally seriously, and it shows in the education that you can find across the country.

Plenty of money is spent on education in France, and if getting the prime education that you want and need is important to you, studying in France is definitely the perfect option.

It is often said that the who’s who of elite futures choose France to attain their education. Engineers, military leaders and many others all turn to the prime education system in France to acquire their knowledge of the industry. They turn to the colleges in the country because they know the fantastic learning opportunities that await them when they do.

The baccalaureate is the gold standard when it comes to getting into a French university; but getting into a “grande école” is a whole other story. Entry into many of the “grandes écoles” requires “bac+2” level, which is equal to the level of the third year of university studies.  Entry into a “grande école” is usually available only for students who stay on in Lycée for two whole years after earning their baccalaureate.

The table below lists all public universities and private universities in France.

Region +Town or city of main campus University
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Principal disciplinary fields
Université de Strasbourg A full range, including  theology
Mulhouse Université de Haute Alsace Arts, Sciences, Economics
Université de Bordeaux 

Université de Bordeaux 1
Université Michel Montaigne
Université Montesquieu
Université Ségalen
Science & technology
Law, Economics, Social & political science
Medicine, social sciences, oenology
Pau Université de Pau et du Pays de l'Adour Arts, law, science
Clermont Ferrand 
Université Blaise Pascal Arts, social sciences, science
Université d'Auvergne Medicine, law, economics, management
Université de Rennes 1 Medicine, law, economics, philosophy, maths, life sciences
Université de Haute Bretagne Arts and social sciences
Brest Université de Bretagne occidentale Arts, law, science, medicine
Vannes Université de Bretagne sud Arts, law & economics, science
Universite de Bourgogne Full range
Région du Centre
Université d'Orléans Arts, Law and economics, science
Tours Université Rabelais Full range
Université de Reims Full range
Corsica Corte Université Paoli Arts, law, science
Franche Comté
Université de Franche Comté Full range
Ile de France (Paris)
Université de Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne Humanities, economics, law
Université de Paris 2 PanthéonAssas Law, economics, legal journalism
Université de Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle Arts & human sciences
Université de Paris IV Sorbonne Arts & human sciences
Université Descartes Paris 5 Social sciences, law, maths, medicine
Université Curie, Paris 6 Science and medicine
Université Diderot Paris 7 Arts, humanities, social science, medicine, science
Université catholique de Paris Theology, arts, law, science
Saint Denis Université Paris VIII Vincennes à Saint Denis Arts, social sciences, economy, law, maths
Nanterre Université Paris Ouest
Paris X Nanterre
Arts, social sciences, economics, maths, IT
Créteil Université Paris est Créteil Val de Marne   Paris XII Full range
Villetaneuse Université Paris XIII nord Arts, social sciences, economics, law, medicine
Champs sur Marne Université Paris Est Marne la Vallée Arts, social sciences, economics, science
Cergy Pontoise Université de Cergy Pontoise Arts and human sciences, economics, law, science
Versailles Université de Versailles  Saint Quentin en Yvelines Science, social sciences, law & politics, medicine
Evry Université d'Evry   Val d'Essonne Law, economics, social sciences, science, technology
Orsay Université Paris sud   Paris XI Law, economics, medicine, pharmacy, science.
Languedoc   Roussillon

Université de Montpellier 1 Law, economics, medicine
Université de Montpellier 2 Science
Université Paul ValeryMontpellier 3 Arts, humanities, social sciences
Nimes Université de Nimes Arts, law, economics
Perpignan Université de Perpignan Arts, law, economics, science
Limousin Limoges Université de Limoges Full range
Université de Lorraine Arts, law, economics, business, science, maths
Nancy Université de Lorraine Science, medicine
Université de Lorraine Arts, humanities, social sciences, law, economics, maths, IT
Midi Pyrénées

Université de Toulouse 1   Capitole 18,000 Law, economics, IT
Université de Toulouse II   Le Mirail 23,000 Arts, social sciences, IT geography, maths
Université Paul Sabatier 29,000 Maths, IT, Science
Institut Catholique de Toulouse 2,650 Arts, social sciences, law, theology
Albi Université Champollion 3,000 Arts, social sciences, law, economy, science
Nord Pas de Calais

Université d'Artois 14,000 Arts & social sciences, economics, science
Lille Université de Lille 1 20,000 Science, maths, economics
Université de Lille 2   Droit et Santé 24,000 Law, business, medicine
Université Charles de Gaulle   Lille III 19,000 Arts, social sciences, maths
Université Catholique de Lille 6,000 Full range
Dunkerque Université du Littoral 10,000 Arts, social sciences, economics, science
Valenciennes Université de Valen ciennes 10,000 Arts, social sciences, economics, law, science

Université de Basse Normandie 24,000 Full range
Le Havre Université du Havre 7,000 Arts, social sciences, science, internationa affairs
Rouen Université de Rouen 25,000 Full range
Pays de la Loire Angers Université d'Angers 20,000 Full range
Université catholique de l'Ouest 7,500 Arts, social sciences, science
Le Mans Université du Maine 10,000 Arts, social sciences, law, economics, science
Nantes Université de Nantes 34,000 Full range
Picardy Amiens Université de Picardie   
Jules Verne
21,000 Full range
Compiègne Université de technologie de Compiègne 4,000 Science and technology
Poitou Charentes
La Rochelle
Université de La Rochelle 7,000 Arts, social sciences, law, management, science
Poitiers Université de Poitiers 24,000 Full range
Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur

Aix   Marseille
Aix Marseille Université 23,000 Arts & social sciences, Science
24,000 Economics, management, science, medicine
22,000 Law, politics, economics, management
Avignon Université d'Avignon 7,000 Arts & social sciences, economics, law, science
Nice Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis 25,000 Full range
Toulon Université de Toulon 10,000 Arts, social sciences, economics, law, science
Rhone Alpes

Université de Savoie 11,000 Arts, social sciences, law, science
Grenoble Université Joseph Fourier 16,000 Science & medicine
Université Pierre Mendès France 17,000 Law, economics, human sciences
Université Stendhal Grenoble III 6,000 Arts, social sciences

Université Claude Bernard   Lyon I 36,000 Science, technology, medicine
Université Lumière   Lyon II 27,000 Arts, social sciences, law, politics
Université Jean Moulin   Lyon III 22,000 Arts, law, philosophy
Université catholique de Lyon 4,400 Arts, law, science, theology
Saint Etienne Université Jean Monnet 15,000 Arts, social sciences, law, economics, science

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