List of Universities In Lebanon

List of Universities In Lebanon
Lebanese education system could by classified into two major systems. Lebanese education system could by classified into two major systems. Lebanese universities are either run according to the French system (e.g. Université Saint-Joseph) or they have the American system (e.g. AUB, LAU, UOB etc.).
The roots of Lebanese education are very old and the powerful education system and institutions in Lebanon are famous not only regionally but globally.
According to the World Bank, 46.9% of males and 56.3% of females enroll into the higher education in Lebanon.
As for the private enrollment, 53.4% enroll into private institutions of higher education.  
Lebanese University
American University of Beirut, AUB
Saint Joseph University, USJ
Lebanese American University, LAU
Notre Dame University Louaize, NDU
University of Balamand
ALBA, Sin el Fil – Beirut
Haigazian University, HU
Sagesse(la) University,ULS
Antonin University, UPA
American University of Technology
American University of Science & Technology, AUST
Lebanese International University, LIU
Arab Open University, AOU
Beirut Arab University, BAU
Université Sainte Famille, USF
Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon, AUL
Académie des Hautes Etudes Diplomatiques et des Relations Internationales

American International University California University

American Pacific International University
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary Universities
Lebanese Canadian university,LCU
Beirut Islamic University, Shariah Faculty Universities
Continuing Education Center, CEC
Global University, GU
Islamic University of Lebanon, IUL
Jinan University, JU Universities
Kafaat (al), Institut Universitaire
Lebanese German University, LGU
Modern University for Business & Science, M.U.B.S.

Manar (al) University of Tripoli, MUT
Matn University, Haret Hreik, Beirut
Mediterranean Bible College, MBC
Mediterranean Institute of Management & EMA
Near East School of Theology
Middle East University, MEU
Mediterranean University of Beirut, MUB

Université de Technologie et de Sciences Appliquées Libano-Française

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