The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management @ UOB

Who Are We?
School within the Faculty of Business
Offering a BBA Degree majoring in Hospitality
3-year program
99 credits
Teaching Language is English
Entrance Exams: SAT
 Learning Philosophy:
Theory and practice-based learning
 Courses Offered
Theory Lecture-Based Courses:
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, Rooms Division, Restaurant and Purchasing Management, Service Management, Human Communication, Cost Control, Revenue Management, Hospitality Law, Tour Operator and Travel Agency Management, Nutrition, Safety and Sanitation…
Practical -Based Courses:
Food Production I and Service, Food Production II and Service, Housekeeping, Restaurant and Purchasing Management, Convention, Catering and Special Events Management, Property Management System Applications…
Business Management Courses:
Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Statistics, Principles of Management, Human Resources, Business Ethics…

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Career Opportunities:
Graduates have a wide range of career options open to them.
Rooms Division
Food and Beverage/Restaurant Management
Events Planning
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
Hotel Accounting & Finance
Travel Agency/Tour Operator
Hospitality Consultancy
Airlines/ Airports
Ministry of Tourism

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Extra-Curricular Activities
To broaden students’ horizons, industry leaders are regularly invited to give lectures, seminars and workshops in practical and trendy topics related to the market. To strengthen the link between students and the industry, many field trips are organized and carried out by the students themselves. These guided excursions target leading hospitality fairs, hotels, suppliers, food chains, and other establishments. They improve the students’ ability to better understand the hospitality enterprises and the day-to-day management requirements.
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Scholarships for the best applicants
Merit Scholarships
Sibling Grant
Work-Study Hours
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The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management @ UOB
Bridging the gap between high School students and the hospitality industry
The hospitality and tourism industry is growing and requiring professionals for employment. More high school graduates are discovering the benefits of a career in this industry.

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Choosing a major and selecting a career-path is not an easy job. The School of Tourism and Hotel Management at the University of Balamand decided to use creative and nontraditional means to inform high school students about the job opportunities presented by this industry.

We pride ourselves on our extensive business connection, that’s why we decided to contact the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel, a world renowned luxury hotel, and considered a landmark in Lebanon to organize a house tour for potential high school students. The aim of the tour was to equip students with a solid understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry. Moreover, the tour was tailored to introduce them to an international lodging facility with all the front and back-of-the-house departments that constitute a hotel and how each department functions within the company. Three of our current undergraduates took part in this event to share their own experiences at the University and during their trainings.

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After the completion of the tour, the students, faculty members and hotel managers met for a buffet cocktail at Café Mondo and they were addressed by many administrative key persons in the hotel.
The high-school students enjoyed the tour as they got acquainted with the Hotel operations while being treated like “guests”, given the opportunity to be inspired by industry professionals.