University la Sagesse (US):Majors

Sagesse University: through its courses, thrives to serve the young generation, without any discrimination, in order to provide them a distinguished place in the domain of knowledge and an access to the business world. This way we are applying the policy of the rector (2001 - 2011), Mgr. Joseph Merhej, who aims at giving the young generation work visas instead of passports.


The rigorous teaching provided by the university, based on the respect of human and moral values, takes into consideration the requirements of innovation as well as the complicated and various globalization challenges.

From its new main campus located in the North-East of Beirut, at a crossroad joining the different arteries of the country, Sagesse University continues its rational and well-balanced development with new achievements and relationships with other universities. The university promotes its openness and dialogue to move into new horizons.

The tireless efforts of the University Rector, Mgr. Camille Moubarak and all his collaborators consist, with this in mind, to implement the mission and goals of the University.

Faculty of Law


Bachelor degree in Law

DEA in Law - Disciplines:

DEA/Private Law

DEA/Public Law

DEA/Comparative Law

DEA/Legal Data Processing

DESS in Law - Disciplines:

Banking Law

Insurance Law

Doctorate in Law

Faculty of Ecclesiastical Science


Bachelor Degree in Theology :

Philosophy cycle

Theology cycle

Bachelor degree in Ecclesiastical Science - Options :

-Pastoral and missionary theology

-Religious teaching Admission Requirements

Diploma in Ecclesiastical Science Options :

-Diploma of Catechetic Animation (DAC)

-Diploma in Pastoral Animation (DAP)

-Diploma in Religious Culture (DCR)

Degrees of the Institute of Family

-Diploma in studies on family

-Master’s degree in ecclesiastic science – option studies on family

Département de Formation en Management des Organisations Sociales et Communautaires


Certificat d'Aptitude au Management des OSC (CAMOSC)

Faculty of Political Science and International Relations


Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations

– Maîtrise in Political Science and International Relations (M1)

Master in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations - Options:

-French Diplomacy and European Crisis


 Faculty of Canon Law


Bachelor degree in Canon Law:

1st Cycle

2nd Cycle

University Diploma in Canon Law

 Faculty of Business Administration and Finance


- Licence en Gestion desEntreprises

- Licence en Informatique de Gestion

- B.S. in Business Administration


- Management

- Marketing

- Human Resource Management

- Banking and Finance

- Management Information Systems(MIS)

- Accounting and Auditing

- General

- B.S. in Management Information Systems (MIS)


- Business Administration

(preparatory courses : depend on the results of the placement test) =>

Master in Business Administration (MBA)


1 – Management

2 – Banking and Finance

3 – Accounting and Auditing

4 – Marketing

5 – Management Information Systems(MIS)

Double Master MIAGE

Where students study at Sagesse University and get 2 diplomas :

- MBA in MIS from Sagesse University and

Master in MIS from "l’Université de Bordeaux, France"

EMBA(Executif MBA)  Admission Requirements

 Faculty of Hospitality Management


Bachelor of Science Degree (BS)

 Faculty of Health Sciences


B.S. Nursing

Master Health Management