Are you a “people person”?
Are you interested in the health and well-being of communities?
Do you enjoy the challenge of trying to solve complex problems while helping others?\
Did you answer YES to any of these questions???
If so, a good career choice for you is…….
  1. What is Public Health (PH)?
PH protects and improves the health and well-being of populations and their lifestyles through: education, research and community service
PH focuses on a proactive preventive approach rather than a curative approach
PH looks at the determinants of disease
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2. What is Public Health concerned with?
Chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, heart disease…)   
  Behavioral disorders (e.g. stress, depression…)
Infectious diseases and epidemics (e.g. Ebola, Bird flu….)           
Health problems of the poor and vulnerable groups (e.g. infants, mothers, the elderly…)
Global health and bioterrorism        
Accidents and Disasters
Hazardous wastes              
Substance abuse (e.g. drugs, alcohol, tobacco…)
Environmental degradation              
Violence (e.g. domestic violence, warfare…)
3. How do Public Health professionals make a difference?
Protecting against environmental hazards(e.g. sewage disposal, water supplies, restaurant
Preventing injuries (e.g. using seat belts…)
Responding to disasters and assisting communities in recovery (e.g. cleaning up the dumping of oil spills…)
Promoting & encouraging healthy behaviors (e.g. education about dangers of smoking…)
Assuring the quality and accessibility of health services (e.g. providing health care for people in all parts of the country)
Preventing and controlling the spread of disease (e.g. immunization programs…)
 PH careers
4. Where do people with Public Health degrees work?
5. What are the PUBLIC HEALTH programs offered at University of Balamand?
The following degrees are offered at the three UOB campuses: Main Campus (Al- Kurah), Achrafieh Campus and Souk el Gharb Campus
BS Degrees with PRE-MEDICAL Requirements
Minor in Public Health
Double BS Degree Programs
Master of Public Health (MPH) in Community Health
6. Who can apply for a BS degree in Public Health at UOB?
Students from all backgrounds:Sciences (Life Sciences; General Sciences, Social Sciences Arts
Students with any Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II or its equivalence
Students who have successfully completed their SAT I tests and TOEFL, according to UOB rules and regulations
7. Can students receive Financial Aid at UOB?
   Yes! Full time BS students in PH are eligible for:
Scholarships of 30% of tuition fees
Financial aid of up to an additional 20% of tuition
Merit awards awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements
Student employment opportunities
8. Do PH students have the chance to participate in activities at UOB?
PH students are encouraged to participate in both clubs and events (e.g.: Workshops, Health fairs, Poster exhibitions, Research projects, Awareness Campaigns, Fundraising ,Volunteer and relief work, among others).
9. Are PUBLIC HEALTH GRADUATES able to find jobs? Where?
Nowadays there are many job opportunities in PH. The following are examples of places and positions that PH UOB graduates have worked at :
W.S. (2015):
   British Council, Lebanon; Project
   Management OfficerL.A. (2011) :
   Medical Assistant; Patient Services
A.Z. (2015):
   Ministry of Public Health; Disease
   SurveillanceS.J. (2010): Psychosocial Coordinator
   Ebola Outbreak
P.S. (2015) :
   International Medical Corps; Health
   EducationD.A. (2010) :
   WHO Lebanon; Public HealthOfficer
F.B. (2011):
   Lebanese Army; Health OfficerJ.H. (2011):
   Commercial Sector; Water Quality & Safety
T.Z. (2014) :
   Commercial Sector; Food and Safety
   OfficerL.C. (2012): Hospital Administration
For more information, contact Roubina Karhily, Faculty of Health Sciences, TEL:+961 1 562 108 ext. 5129; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.