Hospitality Management at AUL - Kaslik Branch

The hospitality and Tourism is the world’s largest industry, it is the epitome of post-modernism, a phenomenon with social, cultural, economical, and environmental impacts, it creates new hybrids of cultures in the world.
What can be said is that it is fascinating subject to study - and where better to study it than at AUL University where we deliver, to our students, quality education, hospitality updated technological skills, on-site/off-site training experience and we equip with skills for top, in-demand jobs in today’s competitive workplace.
The vision is to deliver a world-class education and experiences to our students. Students are our primary focus. We provide an education that enables them to gain labor market advantage to successfully compete in the future as lifelong learners. We are at Hospitality school, providing students with technical skills and service education, with locally accredited curricula.


Mission Statement
AUL’s hospitality and Tourism program has been ranked as one of the best nationally by the leaders of the Industry- International chain hotels. We are particularly gratified by this ranking as it recognizes the hard work we have done to develop the qualify curriculum covering the whole range of the hospitality and Tourism program. Our mission is fourfold:
To offer to students a total quality management educational experience that is distinctive as it develops and encourages excellence in lifelong learning and enable the students to successfully assume leadership positions in the hospitality and tourism industry
To provide highest quality training on-site/off-site to students
To equip students with updated technological skills in the Hospitality Industry (word span, AMADEOS, Opera, PMS…)
To develop an employment environment that promotes a collegial search for excellence and a rewarding experience.
About the department
The hospitality and Tourism Department is one of several departments under the umbrella of business school. Majors in business schools are:
Banking & Finance
This department is created to provide a full and dynamic university experience which is distinctive in character and which fulfill the need of the today’s world largest industry Program
This program is a three-year degree with a choice of three specializations. The specified programs of study are:
Hospitality Management
Travel & Tourism Management
Events Management


Requirements for Admission to the Sophomore Class
Students entering AUL must demonstrate high English language proficiency. Demonstrating proficiency skills in English language means that students entering AUL should have either passed:
AUL English Entrance Exams or
Depending on the score received, the student might be accepted as Sophomore, or asked to take Intensive English. Students accepted as Sophomores should sit for the English Placement Test which determines whether they should take the remedial English courses or not.