The Ideal University

A place which provides A congenial environment for students. When searching for a university to join, every person has an idea of where they want to go, what they want to study, and what they want their university experience to be like.

Although the ideas vary from one person to another, the basics remain the same: good food and comfortable rooms are all a must...

But there is always a bit more to think about! A university is “an institution of the highest level of education where you can study for a degree or do research” (definition from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary).  

The phrase “highest level of education” must mean that a university is a place which provides a good education at the highest level for our youngsters (undergraduates). In other words, an ideal university must be able to provide a good education.

A Good Education
What is meant by a good education? How can we give students a good education at the highest level?

To use the words of Dr. Conwell, a good education “should respond to community needs and fit itself into the many-sided and complex life that modern conditions have imposed upon us.” (From a speech by President F. Roosevelt, on Feb22nd, 1936). Professor Woodrow Wilson said, “Every man sent out from a university should be a man of his nation as well as a man of his time’. (From a speech by President John Kennedy, on May23rd, 1962).
Therefore, a good university education is that which enables students to fully work for their own good as well as the public interest. Having the social conscience and serving the people is fundamental. If a student, after years of study, is neither able nor willing to take on any social responsibilities, not geared up to work for the public interest, nor capable of serving the country in the development and growth of the human race, then the university education for that student would have been a waste of time and money.
An ideal university therefore, must provide a youngster with education and the will to apply his/her learning in real life.

A Place where you can get a lot of knowledge
Universities are full of men and women with intelligence and talent; But what is more important is that they must, at the same time, be of good character and high moral integrity. Men and women with brains but no personality or high ethical truthfulness are not worthy to be educated in such an institution. So we must make sure that university graduates, especially those who become leaders in various fields, must be of good character, ready to take on errands and responsibilities, well mannered, compassionate, law abiding and willing to help others etc. Therefore, an ideal university must be able to produce graduates with all those characteristics.
At a university, a student can gain a lot of knowledge. He or she will be exposed to all sorts of ideas from people of different social backgrounds and groups. The student will also be bombarded with different schools of thoughts, points of view, and ways of thinking. As to what the student will ultimately believe in or cherish is up to the individual himself. But what is more important is that at the university a student must learn how to be an open minded individual who is tolerant to other individuals of different beliefs and mind set.


A Congenial Environment
A university usually provides students with a congenial environment - a place where they can speak their mind freely, think, investigate, explore, innovate and invent. But at the same time, it must also be a place where culture, art and heritage are preserved, cherished, developed and propagated. Without these essential elements, a university will have no soul, no sense of purpose, no goals, no values and will not be able to sustain its mission nor fulfill its vision.

A university without a soul will be a very dull and sterile place to go to.
To put our youngsters in such an environment will be very stultifying to say the least.
So we must say no to such a university! What we want is a vibrant and lively place - a place where our youngsters can happily learn, mature and develop.
For any youngster, university life represents a very important and memorable (if not crucial) time, because it defines and shapes their future career and life path.
An ideal university must leave good memories and help shape a good future for its graduates.

Skilled Teachers
It is imperative that a respected university set a standard when choosing its professor; because teachers who are skilled in their profession are a must. To begin with, they should be PHD holders. They should have appropriate teaching skills. In fact, not every Doctorate holder can get his ideas across to his students. Nonetheless, the university should evaluate its professors on a yearly basis taking into consideration the students’ assessment on this matter

Affiliations are very important
Affiliations of universities with each another is very important. These affiliations create a higher interchange bracket which allow students to increase, expand their learning and exercise their knowledge. Because of such affiliations students are offered a chance of a double major study simultaneously at more than one university at a time. This increases the graduate’s credibility and gives him a greater opportunity in the job market.


Career Office is a must

A career office at the university strengthens the graduate’s chances in finding the right job. It saves him time and trouble while searching for a job. In addition, it advises him on where and how to apply for the right job. It gives him the chance to interact with the job market by helping him attend different workshops where the student can meet different employers and expand his connections. In fact, a career’s office might also be helpful to different companies that are searching for the right “man for the job.” In this respect a PR’s office (Public Relations office) at the university is also essential, because the stronger this office is, the better and wider the publicity is for the university. Finally, if the university you are enrolled in is not along these guidelines, then, you must try harder to do your best and be successful and constructive. J. F. Kennedy, the much loved and respected American President once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you —but what you can do for your country”. Therefore: Ask not what a university can do for you —- but what you can do for a university to make it ideal and great!

A University Student will be exposed to all sorts of ideas from people of different social backgrounds and groups. He will also be bombarded with different schools of thoughts, points of view , and ways of thinking.

By: Marianne Alam

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