Fashion Design is your passion and future career?

Name: Wendy Wakim
Major: Fashion Design
Year: BA
College: Fashion Academy

Globe: How did you know Fashion Design is your passion and future career?

Wendy: Since I was a teenager, I had a passion to redesign and customize my dad’s clothes and T-Shirts to fit my size.
Fashion is the one and only environment where I can find myself to be creative.

Globe: Why did you choose to join the Academy of Fashion Design in particular?

Wendy: I was in another institute but I didn’t progress much, therefore, I made a research and discovered the Academy of Fashion Design website where I was impressed by the academic standards and the diversity in its program.
I am totally satisfied and working hard on myself; moreover, I am more confident by getting a BA from an accredited university in New York.

Globe: What extracurricular activities does the Academy offer?

Wendy: We are participating in the end of year event in June; we are having an intra-university fashion competition along with visiting professional designers, and we are attending marketing workshops.

Globe: Did the Academy meet your expectations: faculty, courses and projects?

Wendy: Yes, the Academy met my high expectations; they are delivering what I was promised in terms of the educational level and project selection.
With the Academy standards, I am certain I shall have the opportunity to achieve my goals.

Globe: Do you have anything to add?

Wendy: I would recommend choosing the career of your passion in order to achieve your work with pleasure.


Name: Liliana El Ashi
Major: Fashion Design
Year: One Year Program: Creative
and Technical
College: Fashion Academy

Globe: How did you know Fashion Design is your passion and future career?

Liliana: I listened to the inner voice inside me and it guided me to Fashion Design. Therefore my passion and love chose Fashion as a future career.

Globe: What is your educational background?

Liliana: I have a technical Baccalaureate in “Art Publicitaire”, but I transferred to the Academy of Fashion Design.

Globe: Why did you choose to join the Academy of Fashion Design in particular?

Liliana: Well I don’t want to mention the University I was in, how we were treated, and the problems we faced. We paid huge amount of money for nothing in return. Until I saw the billboards of the Academy of Fashion Design, paid a visit, saw the facilities, the equipment, the Faculty, felt the difference and registered there.
I am glad I did it, despite the professional standards; I also find high academic level and guidance.

Globe: Does the Academy provide all the needed material for your future career?

Liliana: Actually much more than I expected. It’s an intensive program where we get all the needed material and equipment; where we can create and execute all our projects under the supervision of professionals, in a healthy competitive atmosphere.
We are also provided with lectures in Marketing for Fashion, so our goals meet.

Globe: Did the Academy meet your expectations, faculty, courses, and projects?

Liliana: The Academy made me relaxed and happy; it fulfilled my expectations through courses, projects, educational level and the high energy in their faculty.

Globe: Do you have anything to add?

Liliana: Well, what I would add is a message to each passionate, creative, artistic person to deliver his art through a language of unity, love and faith.
It’s a message I learned from “Rita” The Dean of the Academy of Fashion Design.