University of Balamand UOB Department of Physical Education

The University of Balamand was the first university in Lebanon to establish a Department of Physical Education.
It was established in recognition of the importance of sports in modern society, its underlying aim being to raise the status and quality of physical education educators in the interest of enhancing the quality of life for the whole community. It offers a scientifically-based program that has a track record of improving athletic achievement.
Why Physical Education?
Physical education students have the opportunity to develop a career in a variety of interesting areas. Many hundreds of students who have graduated from the Department since 1993 are now working in Lebanon or abroad in such positions as:
Teacher, Physical Education  
Activities Director
Athletic Trainer  
Cardiovascular Fitness Instructor
Dance Instructor / Aerobics Instructor
Exercise Physiology Technician
Health / Fitness Consultant
SPA / Health Club Manager 
  Personal Trainer
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Graduates can also become researchers in physiology and biomechanics insofar as these relate to physical activities and sports, or can work for a Doctorate in Physical Education in the fields of physiology and the biomechanics of physical exercise.
What makes UOB special?
UOB is the first university in Lebanon to offer a BA or  TD (Teaching Diploma) in Physical Education (1993), a Masters in Physiology and the Biomechanics of Physical Exercise (2001), as well as two MA Programs, one in Sports Management, in collaboration with the University of Lille 2 in France (2006), and another in the Physiology of Sports and
   Rehabilitation, in collaboration with the University of ULCO in France (2008).
UOB is the only university in the region to offer a degree in Physical Education in both the English and French languages.
UOB has the facilities to offer specialist programs in the equipping, upkeep and management of playgrounds, playing fields, swimming pools, and physiology laboratories.
UOB specializes in many different fields of sports and our instructors are highly qualified in every area of practical and theoretical knowledge.
UOB connects and collaborates with many universities in both Europe and the USA.
UOB has the first laboratory in the area equipped for  sports-related research.


The degrees UOB offer

Language Years                Degree
French/English     Bacc + 3 BA in Physical Education
French/English     Bacc + 4 Teaching Diploma in Physical Education
French/English     Bacc + 5 MA in Sports Management, in collaboration with the University of  Lille 2, France
French/English     Bacc + 5 MA in Physical Education (Physical   Conditioning)
French Bacc + 5 MA in Physical Education, in collaboration    with the   University of ULCO, France
How to join the Department of Physical Education Admission?
Candidates may enroll in the academic programs of  the Department in the Fall or Spring Semester, on a full- or part-time basis.
The Faculty accepts eligible transfer students or students switching from other majors.
At the MA level, students are required to present a certificate confirming their BA in Physical Education, as well as the official transcript.
Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent
Students are required to sit for entrance examinations given by the University. These are:
1. English Language (for anglophone track) (ENGL)
2. French Language (for francophone track) (FREN)
3. Physical Exam
4. Medical Exam
5. Interview
Tuition and Financial Aid
The University of Balamand, while maintaining a high level of instruction and appropriately advanced facilities, makes every effort to keep tuition costs affordable.
Payment of tuition fees is made in installments.
   These can be modified through arrangements tailored to particular needs.
A Special Discount (25% of tuition fees, discounted at registration) is automatically given to all new full-time students. These students may also apply for financial aid, which can lead to a further discount of up to 20%.
A Special Discount (50% of tuition fees, discounted at registration) is automatically given to all MA students, who may also apply for an assistantship in the Department.
Part-time employment opportunities (up to 15 hours per week) are available to all regular students.
For additional information, contact:
University Of Balamand  
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Department of Physical Education
P.O. Box 100
Tripoli, Lebanon
Tel.: +961-6-930250 extension: 2273
Fax: +961-6-930241
To be eligible for a BA degree in Physical Education (PE) a student must fulfill the following requirements:
University Requirements
12 credits in the Cultural Studies Program: CSPR 201, 202, 203 and 204
6 credits in the English or French language, FREN 201, and one other higher-level course for francophone students, or ENGL 203 and a higher-level course for anglophone students
LISP 200
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Requirements
3 credits in the Arabic Language: ARAB 201
2 credits in general courses: COMP 200 and EVSC 200
Departmental Requirements
Forty-seven (47) credits of specialization, distributed among six obligatory units
Group Sports, 6 credits
Gymnastics, 4 credits
Athletics, 6 credits
Aquatic Sports, 4 credits
Sport and Health, 18 credits
other specialized courses, 9 credits
4 credits in elective courses from inside the Department
15 credits (3 electives)
This program consists of 21 credits.
Students must complete the following courses:
9 credits of specialized study in teaching Physical  Education
6 credits in Education    
3 credits in Psychology
3 credits of Practicum