The University of Balamand receives a collection of books by poet Charbel Baini

The University of Balamand welcomed Dr. Moustafa Al Helwe, who was tasked with delivering a collection of books from Syndey – Australia to the Issam Fares Library Learning Center.

Dr. Al Helwe was received by Dr. George Bahr, University of Balamand Provost, as an envoy for the “Poetry and Heritage Association” led by Notary Public and Lebanese Diaspora, Dr. Bahia Abu Hamad. Also present at the book handover were Dr. Hanna El-Nakket, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as well as Mr. Ibrahim Farah, Ms. Dalia Koulaima, and Dr. Doreen Nasr from the Issam Fares Library Learning Center.
The books are comprised of a selection of poems written by Lebanese poet Charbel Baini as well as a number of auto-biographies. Charbel Baini immigrated to Australia in 1971 and has since established his own magazine entitled "Al-Ghurba" and a website of the same name. His contribution to the Lebanese Expat art movement earned him the title "poet of the diaspora”. On that account, the addition of his work to the university’s Library will amass huge cultural enrichment to its shelves.
In his handover speech, Dr. Al Helwe stated: "We would like to thank Dr. Bahia Abu Hamad and poet Charbel Baïni for creating this cultural connection with the University of Balamand that is crystalized by the handover of this huge collection of publications. We are honored to present the work of poet Charbel Baini, who is one of Lebanon’s most prominent literary figures living abroad.”
In turn, Dr. Bahr noted: "We, at the University of Balamand, welcome any cultural and intellectual venture that enriches the Balamand Library with more creativity. This occasion is a translation of the Lebanese expatriate's efforts to ratify their unique presence on the Lebanese national scene."