Pursue a Career in the Aeronautics Industry At University of Balamand

The Middle East is home to some of the busiest airports in the world, and with the expansion of these operations, and the development of new aviation facilities, innumerable exciting opportunities are becoming available in a variety of fields within the dynamic aero-industry. 

The University of Balamand with its long experience in the aeronautical field, is playing a key role in developing this industry. Since 1997 the University has introduced a number of solid academic programs, built state-of-the-art facilities and recruited talented teaching staff to prepare appropriately qualified and competent personnel to meet the needs of the aero-industry in Lebanon and the region.

The University currently has three programs that are directed at people who are interested in the aviation area. Two of these, the BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Specialty) are in the Faculty of Engineering while the third, the Bachelor of Technology in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is housed at the Issam Fares Faculty of Technology. A fourth, an MBA in Air Transport Management, is to open in September 2018.

BS in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Specialty)
The BS Program in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Specialty) is the entry point for aeronautical engineering. It aims at equipping students with a solid knowledge of the engineering sciences and appropriate general and specialized skills that are pertinent to the Flight environment; thus enabling them to develop into well-rounded aeronautical engineers. In this program, students are exposed to aerodynamics, aircraft dynamics and control, aircraft design, aircraft propulsion as well as aviation safety management. They gain first-hand experience in the Department’s well equipped labs, workshops and hangars by executing hands-on experiential projects on real aircraft. The BS Aero-program prepares graduates to be open-minded, creative and socially-conscious problem solvers who are technically and scientifically prepared to pursue postgraduate studies or a successful career in aeronautical engineering. The program seeks to instil in them an appreciation of the leadership and teamwork skills, professional notions that are highly important in aviation.
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MS in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Specialty)
The MS Program in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Specialty) builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired at the BS level, and expands the horizons of the students to enable them to become leading aero-engineers capable of meeting the demands of modern-day, highly advanced aero-industry or to become researchers. More specifically, it prepares graduates who are broadly competent yet possess specialized knowledge and skills in a particular area of the aeronautical engineering domain. It exposes them to novel research methodologies that advance and develop the aviation engineering know-how.

It has to be emphasized that aeronautical engineers are well rounded people who can work in a variety of positions. They can be designers, performance analysts, maintenance managers, facility managers, safety managers, regulators and many more. It is also worth mentioning entry to the MS is not restricted to the BS Mech. Eng. Aero-program, as graduates with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Physics, etc. can be accepted subject to taking the necessary bridging courses.

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“Bachelor of Technology” (B.Tech.) In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
This is a three-year university degree, of a technical and applied nature. The program is designed to impart to the students the knowledge and skills to safely work as maintenance engineers on aircraft. It also concentrates on the regulatory framework that governs aircraft operation and maintenance. It recognizes the knowledge, skills and competencies of the candidate and allows transition to higher level education in areas of Engineering, Science and Management.

Currently, the University of Balamand offers two options in its BTech in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. These are:

1- Airframes and Engines (Mechanical aspects of aircraft)

2- Avionics (Electrical, electronic and computer-based aspects of aircraft)

Both options conform to the standards of the Lebanese Directorate General for Civil Aviation and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) .

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Master Business Administration (MBA) in Air Transport Management
This unique MBA program aims to be internationally recognised as the leading academic program in Air Transport Management, providing its students with the highest quality of theoretical knowledge and practice-based competencies. With an MBA in Air Transport Management, graduates will be able to apply an analytical, innovative, creative, and adaptive approach to problem solving; with particular reference to sound decision-making, research, and solutions to air transport management problems.

An MBA in Air Transport Management will provide you with the knowledge and industry-grounding required to perform high-level duties within the fast-paced and time-critical world of airport operations, including the following employment opportunities:

- Flight Operations Manager,

- Chief Pilot, Maintenance Manager,

- Engineering and Planning Manager,

- Safety Manager,

- Security Manager,

- Quality Manager,

- Ground Handling Manager,

- Air Navigation Service Provider Manager,

- Airport Manager,

- Airline Station Managers

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