Join City University to become a Marine Captain or a Chief Engineer

Why the Maritime Sector?

The continuous growth of international trade relies primarily on Maritime Transportation to bring raw materials and finished goods to their final destinations. The world is experiencing a shortage of skilled maritime Manpower. City University in Tripoli Lebanon responded to this situation and offered to Lebanese students the opportunity to study for these specialties on Lebanon.

How do you study in this sector?

Currently two tracks are available. The Transportation track that lead to become a ship captain, The Engineering track leads to become a Chief Engineer among the ship.


What are the Licences you hold when you work in the Maritime field?

In order to work in the Maritime field, you need to carry an IMO ticket which is endorsed by the International Maritime Organization (A United Nation Affiliate). The ticket allows you to works on board of all ships of all nationalities.

Are there any other academic degrees offered?

In addition to the IMO certifications, Cadets prepare a Bachelor in Technology in either Transportation or Engineering. Hey also perform a mandatory sea service.


What is the difference between the Captain and the Chief?

The captain is responsible of the ship, her content and her passenger. The Captains also conducts the ship’s voyage planning. He/she represents the owner before the local authorities. The Chief is responsible of the wellbeing of the ship and insures its operation.

How do you see the maritime sector in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era?

Artificial intelligence, Auto pilot, data mining, GPS as well as the reliance on satellites to plan and guide the ships are making the headway in this sector. It is foreseen that ships will continue to be cleaner, safer and more efficient in the coming decades.