Meet the Nurses! “ I’m a nurse and I’m proud ” 1

Name: Pamela Zeinoun
Major: Nursing
Year: Senior
University: Univesity of Balamand

I am a second year nursing student at the University of Balamand - Main Campus. I have chosen to become a nurse since I consider Nursing to be a passion, a science and an art of caring.I have chosen a rather challenging career involving diversified, complex life situations and scenarios, yet nothing is better than following one’s dream. As a profession, nursing is the best that could be. It unites the call of duty, honesty, team work, compassion and endless care.

I have chosen to follow my dream, to learn from different experiences, meet and take care of people in need of medical, psychological and social support, trying to alleviate the pain and the suffering irrespective of their age, sex or race. Nothing feels better than assisting and guiding someone or a family through his/her rough times. Both critical thinking skills and the ability to act quickly and responsibly are crucial in restoring and maintaining a patient’s optimum health.
It has certainly been of high satisfaction to be a Nursing student at the University of Balamand, and it will always be an honor to be an active member of the health care team capable of touching lives and making a change.